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... is a promotional agency. ...lights burn 13 hours a day can try kebab-flavoured chewing gum. can hear 9 different languages, even Nepalese and Frisian. will sense a multicultural atmosphere. ...56 liters of black coffee are consumed daily. will never find yourself in an awkward one-night-stand. ...there is no time to be shy. ...everybody works a smarter than others. ...the phone rings 400 times a day. can find an annual cricket game. This game only lasts 20 seconds. ...nobody understands printers. can find many hard-working women. a crew which was young and needed the money. can find a poster of Rocky Balboa. might hear hiphop and classical music at the same time. can grab a drink Friday after five. ...and sometimes Monday before six. ...hundreds of ideas are destroyed every year before they reach the client. ...60 GB of data are received and sent every day.

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Is your company setting up an event or road show and looking for support staff in Germany? Are you planning on setting up a sales promotion campaign for your client and looking for a reliable promotional staffing company in Germany? Are you a communications company in need of outstanding hostesses for a trade fair in Germany? Your search is over! Welcome to Berlin Promotion Agency, the number one company when it comes to providing experiential marketing services and support staff in Germany!

We don't distinguish- whether you're looking for a subcontractor or a partner agency in serving your client or international consumer brand, we'll create experiences together!

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